‘Machiavellianism’ now runs the world.

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Recently, I wrote an article that contains my favorite quotes from Jordan Peterson, and how it completely changed how I view my life and career.

The article gathered many positive responses from my social media and friends, so I decided to create a few more similar stories, sharing favorite stories from ancient philosophers, greatest thinkers, and hyper intellectuals of our age.

Personally, I love history. It would be mild to say that history hasn’t impacted the way I live my day from the moment I wake up to when I go to sleep. …

Who are you without your skills, achievements, and possessions?

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Whether it’s a job, a date, or just a life opportunity, what decides your success lies in your ability to sell yourself and this starts happening when you know exactly how to differentiate yourself from other people.

How do you stand out?

On a recent note, I wrote about the importance of the art of selling yourself, where I talked about the importance of selling yourself to other people and how it could be extremely overlooked in the present day and age.

I’d like to add a focus on another essential element of your life success.

In this story, I’m going to show you the actionable ways of selling yourself by making yourself stand out from the public. …

The Twitter man that sparked a political revolution.

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The true predictor of people’s destiny isn’t the government anymore, but it’s corporations like Twitter, Facebook, and Apple. They control everything.

Behind all the current world events happening before our very eyes lies a revolution bigger than most people could imagine.

A political and technological revolution.

Back in the 1700s, we were playing with rocks, hunting animals, and building wooden houses. Today, we’re still playing, hunting, and building, but using our smartphones.

Technology isn’t the “other thing” anymore, as it nows embodies every aspect of an ever-changing society.

Technology is now us.

As technology evolves, it becomes more powerful than ever. And the ones who are behind this technology will become the new kings and queens of the valley of the world. …

I started finding love and pleasure in suffering.

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We all want to better. Don’t we?

I’ve been watching Jordan Peterson a lot since a friend of mine mentioned his name a few months into 2020. So, I checked his name out on the internet, went to Youtube, and clicked the first video that grabbed my attention.

10 minutes later, I was speechless and he already became a hero to me.

Jordan Peterson doesn’t only teach about how to be better in life, he shows you how life actually looks like and what are ways you should handle it.

The reality is harsh, cold, and boring and it’s not because you’re having a bad day, but it’s just because you’ve been accustomed to how good days look like. …

The billionaire entrepreneur and innovator might start a new company thanks to a Twitter user’s “good idea”

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SpaceX, Tesla, OpenAI, Neuralink, Solar City, The Boring Company, and Hyperloop. These are all Elon Musk’s companies today. It’s clear that there’s no telling what this man is capable of.

But, here’s news.

The billionaire entrepreneur and businessman could start a new company that could be the biggest of them all combined.

But it’s not what you think it will be!

The new company will not be just another “tech startup”, instead it will be what’s called a “Giga holding company”, which means it will be what Alphabet is to Google, Waymo, and its other sister companies.

In a recent tweet by a Twitter user named Dave Lee, he wrote a thread where he proposed to form a holding company for all of Elon’s companies called “X”. …

It’s just simple science and it starts with a smile.

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Imagine having the extraordinary ability to get anything you want in life ranging from desires, goals, objectives, and status. Visualizing successfully getting them and imagine all the emotions you would feel. Wouldn’t life be easier, enjoyable, and better?

Well, getting what you want in life is no rocket science and certainly not a work of magic. People tend to overthink and overcomplicate it, but getting what you want in life is easier than it seems.

My goal in this story isn’t just to guide you to get anything you desire in your life, but also to enable you to learn how to influence other’s thinkings and behaviors that will always work to your advantage. …

If you want to know how to sell online, you’ve come to the right place

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There’s no secret recipe for selling a product online. You need to build a system that you can use as a guide to understanding the mechanics. Learning how to sell online can be time-consuming. You have to figure out what products to sell, where to source them, and how to sell them so people would want them.

Thanks to the internet, selling online has never been easier.

Also, selling products online can be unique because of the massive number of customers you can reach and sell to. In some ways, this evens the playing field, but remember that the millions of potential customers you can reach also have thousands of competitors fighting for their attention online. …

Airbnb could join the trillion-dollar club with Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft.

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Perhaps one of the biggest IPOs of the year, Airbnb. The American vacation rental online marketplace headquartered in San Francisco went officially public last week, topping a 100 billion dollar valuation in its first trading day.

The company’s shares skyrocketed on Its first day of trading, rising to 113% above the initial public offering share price of $68 dollars and to close at $144.71 dollars.

This put Airbnb’s market capitalization at $100.7 billion end of the day.

Although we can all agree that the company's shares plummeted in the past few days, this is no sign of Airbnb not skyrocketing in the next few years. …

Be bulletproof to failures and rejections.

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Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, the billionaire founders of Airbnb, met when they were just design students at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). During this time, they became good friends and discovered that together, they make a great team. By the end of their college, they initially went their own ways.

Until years later. While working for an industrial design firm in Los Angeles, Brian has missed the idealistic entrepreneurial spirit of his time at RISD. He then visited Joe, who at the time, worked in San Francisco as a graphic designer. …

No, it’s not only about your GPA, projects, and achievements. There’s more to success than these.

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Whether it’s finding a job, getting someone to read your blog, selling a piece of software, or even asking a girl to date you, the ultimate goal in the game is to win over people. Few are aware of the importance of learning the art of conquering people and even fewer in learning to actually use it.

Whatever talents you may have and however you think you are qualified, you are nothing but a small fish in the pond until you understand the art of selling yourself. …


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