Why Coronavirus Is A Gift To Humanity

A gift that is not given to everyone

The great Charles R. Swindoll once said, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” The quote is fitting now that the world has experienced another pandemic. Most of the population are at home. People have lost jobs. Some barely can afford the rent. Most do what it takes to survive. In this unique times we live in, the strong eat the weak.

From a macro perspective, the pandemic has helped mother earth restore its beauty. Have you noticed it? If not, maybe you’re too stuck living from a narrow perspective. Think bigger. There are things bigger than yourself, things that matter more than yourself. The world isn’t about you and it doesn’t care about you, so don’t make this situation all about you. But what you can do about is, plan ways to get better in terms of skills, mental health, physical health, networking, and awareness. Adopt the mentality of finding the best things from the bad things and don’t complain about it. What makes people extraordinary is the mindset and perspective. If people see losses, make sure you find the gains. In this kind of generation we live in, only the mentally strong win.

Things The world is winning on:

  1. Environmental restoration
  2. Great reset from economic crash
  3. Re-ordering the world’s chaos
  4. Human self-introspection & awareness
  5. New technological innovation
  6. Value re-alignment & Purpose seeking

As an individual, choose which aspect you want to be involved, find opportunities in them, make actions, and you are guaranteed to be coming out of the coronavirus pandemic not only a survivor, but a true winner.

Great people see the opportunity, while ordinary people see the worst thing that happened into their lives. The intellectuals use 2020 the year to build another stream of income and the average can’t wait for year 2021. See the mindset difference? It does matter in a great magnitude. How you deal with problems or events given to you matters 99% more than the problems themselves. Everyday, people get sick and die, so don’t act like this makes any difference.

What about the people who got sick and died? Sad story. Not your problem. That is not within your control and you cannot do anything about it.
Focus ONLY on the things you can control and don’t stress on those you don’t. Remember, each and everyone is responsible for themselves.

In conclusion, Coronavirus is a way for the humanity to be a new.
Back to zero. Day 1. Reset. Clean slate. Blank canvas. And this the reason why benefits and opportunities worth billions of dollars are gonna come to fruition in 5 years or so. All conceived amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Your future self and the future world will be indeed thankful.

Thank you for reading! Let me know what you think and feel free to get in touch if you have any comments or any feedbacks about what’s covered in this story. All views are my own and don’t reflect any views held by the power above(Jesus Christ).

Written by

Visionary writer with 400k+ views at The Startup. Designer by trade with work recognized in Paris, Stanford University, and Italy. drckangelo.substack.com

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