What Would You Do If Apocalypse Is Coming And You Only Have 72 Hours Left To Live?

How would you react if an asteroid is heading to Earth?

72 hours left to live. Whew! Here we go, I thought I still have 27 years to live. Now, it all comes down to 3 days. How would I even deal with this? Where do I start? Where do I go? What should I prioritize doing?

This is what I’m going to do, step by step.

I’d first call all of my friends and tell them how much I love each and every one of them. Then, while on a call with as many of my friends as possible, I’d have a quarantine feast where I bake as much cake as I could possibly eat in my life and order a bunch of other random foods. It would be the biggest feast you’ve ever seen in your entire life.

Of course, I’d call my mom and dad and tell them how much I miss and love them. Tell them that I wish I could be with them in this situation (they’re a continent away!). Put them on FaceTime for straight 8 hours while telling them the fun times we had when we were together and when I was younger.

Next, I’d call my dearests cousins and tell them that everything’s going to be alright. Telling them that this shall too pass. Reminisce all the good times we had together and hope to meet each other again in our next life!

I’d go to the nearest natural park and meditate the situation and train myself to be calm, regardless of the situation.

In the next hour, I’d try to eat all my favorite foods as possible! We’re gonna die anyway, so it doesn’t matter If I spend my money on good food!

Okay, then, I’d approach every girl I like in the street and ask them out altogether. This is something I’d never felt comfortable doing before in my life! Sleep as many as possible with every girl I get!

I’d repeat the same things I’ve done for the following hours and again!

Then the judgment time comes, 1 hour left, 30 mins left, 15 mins left, and down to the last second.

No blast or anything, just silence.

Turns out the apocalypse was a hoax. So you jumped out of joy, along with other 8 billion people in the Earth. But, it turns out 8 billion people jumping at simultaneously triggers a gravity anomaly! The Earth goes shaking and it divides into two pieces and boom! Just kidding. You’re saved and alive!

Now, do you ever feel you regret all the actions you have taken in the last 72 hours? Probably not! Instead, those 72 hours were easily the best 72 hours of your life. You probably wish you can do it every day. But of course, you can do it every day!! It made you and your life better.

However, why would we not do all these good things every day?

And why do we tend to do these things only in tragic events?

Now imagine all the things you would do in an event of an apocalypse and now live your life in that state of mind. Do the things you would do in an apocalyptic event even when without it. See how it changes your life. I’m putting you in the right mindset here. You think you still have several decades to live, but in all honesty, the apocalypse can be around the corner. It doesn’t come with a warning, it just happens. When it happens, it’s only then you realize you should’ve done the things that you should’ve when you had a chance.

Live your life like the apocalypse is coming.
Start a new beginning of your life.

Let me know what would you do and leave your response below!

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Visionary writer with 400k+ views at The Startup. Designer by trade with work recognized in Paris, Stanford University, and Italy. drckangelo.substack.com

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