This is the story of how I received a $10,000 scholarship to attend Apple’s school in Italy

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Not many of you know this, but Apple has its own school. Yes, with beautiful Silicon Valley-style physical campuses all over the globe with top instructors, million-dollar classrooms, and mentors from Cupertino supporting you.

Most people know Apple for Steve Jobs, their impeccable designs, and elegantly easy-to-use products like the…

One step forward for a decentralized finance world.

Photo by Jeff Tumale on Unsplash

The story

Unicredit, a corporate investment banking company headquartered in Milan, Italy is threatening to close the bank accounts of clients who buy cryptocurrencies.

A Twitter user named @Pasqualini3Sara shared a screenshot of a conversation of what seems to be Unicredit customer support.

The customer has addressed that she couldn’t send money…

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